Bonarda is Argentina’s Next Red

Bonarda is a stealthy red wine option from Argentina that we think is going to make a big splash in the coming years. It’s actually a surprise that we’ve missed it until now as it’s Argentina’s second most widely planted red grape! Find out more about this delightful red wine and why you might even prefer it to Malbec.

TIP: Bonarda from Argentina is not the same wine as Italian Bonarda. Argentina’s Bonarda is actually a grape called Douce Noir (“doose nwar”). See the notes below to understand the difference between the two.

Argentina Bonarda Taste Profile

Douce Noir Wine Taste and Grape Profile by Wine Folly

Bonarda wines are at first very fruity on the nose, with notes of black cherry compote, fresh blueberry, and plum. Then, they become more complex, giving off nuanced aromas of violets, 5-spice, allspice, and peonies. Finally, depending on whether or not the wine was oaked (though most aren’t), they may have slight smoky notes of cigar box, sweet figs, and chocolate. On the palate, Bonarda has an initial burst of fruitiness, a medium-body, juicy acidity, and a smooth, low-tannin finish. It tastes like an exotic Merlot and it’s just as easy to drink.

(Source: Wine Folly)

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Benefits of drinking organic red wine

Several health attributes have been made to red wine including assisting the body to control hypertension, weight, lower levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), prevent cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and cancer with its high levels of antioxidants such as resveratrol, which also assist the body with its anti-aging properties.

What’s more, when you drink a red wine made from organically grown grapes you increase the benefits of drinking red wine. As research have shown wines made from organically grown grapes contain 32% more resveratrol than conventional wines.

Organic-SealGala D’Aires Malbec 2014 is free from chemicals and preservatives, rich in antioxidant, and full of flavor. When you drink our tasty wine you will experience a healthy red made from 100% organically grown grapes with low levels of sulfites, and you can be sure that you have made a healthy choice.

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